Today, we begin the Passion. We hear Jesus telling his disciples of what was to come, of the pharisees plotting, and Jesus being anointed with oil by the woman in Bethany. The narrative is punctuated by longer musical sections, intended to explore and capture something more of the emotion, or provide meditation on particular relevant themes. The narrative is primarily driven by the Evangelist (tenor), and we hear the voice of Christ (bass) in those recitative sections. Movement 7 of this section also introduces Judas, and we hear him bargaining for his thirty pieces of silver.

Bach – Matthew Passion – section 1 (about 20mins)

Grayston Ives – A Song of Christ’s Glory

Written as a responsary by the former Informator Choristarum at Magdalen College, Oxford, this setting of the Easter Anthems text is a musical depiction of that glory what compels all to confess the name of Christ as Lord.